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A crisis in the relationship happens when this situation goes on for longer and shows no signs of returning to normal. Some of the main signs that you have a crisis dating or even a crisis marriage are the following:

One of the clearest signs that a couple who are in crisis is when they both make more plans separately than together hook up tonight. It is clear that everyone has their own life, their own dreams, desires and independence, but if you are in a relationship, it is normal for you to spend much of your time with your partner.

So, if you stay with your partner, you don’t like it so much anymore and if you feel better when you plan alone, it is because, without a doubt, you are going through a crisis.

Another symptom of a crisis relationship is that there is no good communication between you. The feeling of living almost with a stranger is very common in these circumstances. If communication is lost, there is an inertia.

In addition, it is also very common that, the moment you want to talk about something, the tension is so high that you may end up arguing.

When there is a relationship in crisis, you also notice a lot in bed. It is at this time that sex is no longer a reflection of the connection and feelings that exist between the couple.